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Riley's 9 Birthday Mani-Pedi Spa Party Image Gallery II of II Ultra 4K UHD

Spa Party Date: April, 2016

This is Gallery II of II in 4HD featuring our new Thumbnail View. Click on each for larger image.

9998Lavender Nails. Cool ManiLavender Nails With Panda Nail Art For The Birthday GirlThe Facial Expression Of Inner Calm. A Nice Break From Her RoutineStopping For A Quick Pic At Our Home Day SpaChecking If The Party Is Still Happening! It Felt Like Ages Lying HereCucumbers Sometimes Slide During A Facial. So Far, No SolutionRadiant Skin After The Facial! YayGiving Her Friend A Scalp Massage While Her Masque Is OnNail Protectors For The Birthday GirlSmiling For A Pic Before We Begin The Kids Facial Activity.Vanilla Facial Mask And No Cukes.Time To Relax For A Little While!Riley Looking Reflective.Kids Home Salon Fun.Kids Mani.Keeping The Masque On, She Wanted To Write Something On The Spa Birthday Card.Shining Skin And Feeling Refreshed And Renewed.The Kids Facials Have A Real Beneficial Effect That You Can See For Yourself!Kids Tween Piggy Nail Art Close Up.Piggies! Nail Art For Kids With Hot Pink Polish.Piggies And More Piggies! Kids Nail Art Designs.This Little Piggy! SUPER Close Up Of Kids Piggy Nail Art!Showing Her Cool New Mani.Riley Picking A Polish For Her Pedi.Which Color Will The Birthday Girl Choose For Her Pedi Polish!The Girls Receiving A Warm Essential Oil Scented Footbath Before Their Toenails Are Painted.Sniffing The Water! Why! Because Each Girl Gets To Choose Her Own Essential Oils Like Lemongrass, Lime, And More!The Girls Sitting Around Riley During The Essential Oil Pedi Footbath.Kids Spa Party Essentail Oil Scented Footbath Underway!Soaking In The Footbath With Nail Protectors On Her Fingers, At Riley's Home Spa Party.Riley And Friends Enjoying The Warm Foot Soak.Leaning Back And Fully Appreciating The Feeling Of Relaxation.Relax Like Jelly!Girls Spa Party Fun.Talking And Laughing And Having A Grand Old Time.The Girls Chatting.Nothing Like Chatting With Your BFFs And Having A Warm Foot Soak!Riley! Smiling For The Camera.Group Pic Of The Girls During The Kids Home Spa Party Foot Bath.Riley Having A Happy Birthday!Riley Smiling!The Foot Soak Is About Over As The Water Gets Cool And Warm Water Refills Aren't Wanted.Magenta Pedi.The Girls Doing A Craft.Riley And Her Friend Doing A Spa Craft With Her Mom.Doing Spa Party Crafts Is Soooo Much Fun For Girls Of All Ages!!The Girls Do A Craft. View From Above. Note Riley's Cool Braids From Vacation!Crafts Involve Mixing, Shaking, Choosing Colors And Scents, And More.Purple Swirl Nails.Smiling During The Pedi.Red Background With Navy Blue OPI Shatter Kids Pedi.Girls Mani Pedi.Couldn't Be Happier With Her Mani And Pedi. Loving Riley's Party!!Deep Grape Metallic Purple Pedi.PURPLE PEDI!!!Mani Pedi Combo.The Girls Looking At One Another's Mani.The Birthday Girl Shakes The Lip Balm She's Making.Shaking The Lip Balm Containers To Mix Up The Ingredients!Glossy Orange Kids Pedi!.Showing Her Cool Mani And Freshly Painted Pedi.Trying To Bend Her Fingers So That The Piggy Grafix Show For The Camera!Very Happy With Her Mani And Pedi At The Kids Spa Party.Upside Down Piggies And Hot Pink Mani With Orange Pedi Right Side Up!!Riley And Friends Doing A Spa Craft.Making Bubble Baths!Riley Mixing The Ingredients.Mixing In More Ingredients For The Spa Birthday Craft.Dumping In Some Brown Sugar, The Birthday Girl Follows The Instructions For The Spa Craft.Riley Chooses A Scent.Spa Party For Kids Crafts.The Girls Intently Focused On Doing The Craft Properly.The Chocolate Fondue Fountain Looks Sooooo Good!Chocolate Fondue And Strawberries And Pineapples And Chocolate Chip Cookies!!!!The Girls Sitting At The Table.Writing Something Nice For Riley's Birthday.Spa Birthday Card Activity.Riley's Birthday Cake.The Birthday Girl Standing Before Her Cake.Riley Smiling.Blowing Out The Candles.Making A Birthday Wish.Ready For A Facial.Hot Pink Nails With A Cute Piggy Graphic.Happy With How Her Mani Came Out. Color Background.Riley Chooses A Cool Nail Polish For Her Toenails.Riley Reconsiders And Chooses A Different Nail Polish Color.Riley With Color Background.Chilling On The Couch, The Birthday Girl And Buddies Enjoy The Scented Warm Soak.Reclining During The Essential Oil Warm Water Foot Soak At Riley's Spa Party.Kids Mani And Pedi Together.Looking Happy! Having An Amazing Day At Riley's House For Her Home Spa Party.Hot Pink Mani With Piggies And Orange Pedi.Mixing In More Sugar.Birthday Cake For Riley.As We All Sing 'Happy Birthday'.Spa Birthday Card.

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